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Subsea Test Center

“We always aim to reduce projects risks and to ensure maximum operational time while we are offshore. In complex projects, we do not go offshore until the equipment has been tested and the team has trained on the operation in seawater, on full scale mock-ups of the actual offshore installation. This secure efficient and safe operation offshore.”

Our own Subsea Test Center is located in Dora 2 at the harbour downtown Trondheim. The building is a former, a submarine bunker built by the Germans during World War II. Her we do the following activities:

  • Development and assembly of our robots and tools
  • Testing at full scale mock-ups and training for the offshore operations
  • Hire out of facilities for testing and training for maritime activities
  • Hire out the unique Submarine Dock facility for other activities

The test center contains the following facilities:

  • Dry or wet dock (120 x 20 x 14 meters) 
  • 2 off-traversing cranes (25-ton capacity and 15 meters roof height) 
  • Warm and cold storage facilities
  • Workshop for maintenance/servicing including electro 
  • Office facilities

The test center have easy to access for large trucks and by lifting barges from sea on to the quay next door. The dry dock is equipped with large pump capacity and may be water-filled or emptied overnight. The test center is ideally suited for testing subsea solutions, scale testing of fish farming cages, offshore subsea operations, and ROV training.

Rental conditions will be determined on a project-by-project basis, with small companies and startups, students, and researchers having access to favourable conditions. For more information, please contact us here.