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Equipment, tools and technology

Our equipment and tooling inventory span from access robots, control systems and different tooling to be used for cleaning, inspection or installation purposes.

The Access robots for splash zone has been developed through almost 20 years and are field proven in a large number of projects. These robots hold on to the structures, and are capable of doing everything from easy cleaning jobs to complex mechanical work, without being hassled around by waves or current in the sea.

Access Robots

We use different attachment principles, depending on the type of asset and geometry. The different access systems have different advantages and possibilities to bypass obstacles as an example. Depending on depth, complexity, and the need for robust equipment, we have during our many years in operation, developed a wide range of robots, making us able to access any structures and areas at the assets. Most important is our experience gained during all these projects and our ability to adjust and modify our equipment to fit the Customer’s needs. We are proud to brand our Teams as the Splash Zone Experts, and the equipment is State of The Art.
Below you can see two access principles used in many projects:

Control Systems

In OceanTech we develop our own control systems , special made for the special needs in Splash Zone projects. This means we can modify the robots and quiqky adjust the control to suit the operation. Our Cybernetic Engineers have deep insight into the operations, and our equipment. This ensure efficient operation interface and quick repair if problems turns up.
By new technology and our highly skilled engineers, some of our robots are now autonomous, and this makes these operations easier to perform and with much better quality – inspection as example – human errors are then removed.
From our topside Control unit, all movements and joints are controlled and monitored!


All operations have a need for tooling or at least camera if general inspection is the scope. These tools are normally operated by an manipulator arm or other special made running tools.

Typical tooling in use are:

  • Brushes or water jetting for removal of marine growth
  • Special Inspection Cameras (CVI)
  • Inspection probes for wall thickness measures or crack detection
  • Bolt tensioners
  • Cutting tools

There are a wide range of available subsea tools made for use by ROV/manipulator arms. All these tools can be operated by our robots. In special cases we design and make our own tooling.