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Activities that reduce consummation, waste volume, and the climate impact

OceanTech aim to contribute to the most efficient and safe production of energy. We contributes directly and indirectly through The Splash Zone Concept, with the following examples: 

  • Almost 20 years of reuse and further development of our own equipment packages with robots and various tools. This applies across projects and different industries, reducing the need for new production and minimizing waste. We hold a large number of robots and tools ready to use.
  • A large number of old oil and gas platforms can operate for an additional lifetime beyond their original plans. This delays the dismantling and removal of large installations while significantly reducing the need for new construction. It helps reduce resource consumption and waste generation.
  • By transferring our technology (reuse) from Oil & Gas into new and green energy sectors, we secure safe operation of an increasing number of offshore installations. This includes generating more renewable energy from offshore wind turbines and improving fish health through offshore salmon farming. These initiatives contribute to a more sustainable energy sector and food production. 

In addition, we continuously seek larger and smaller sustainability measures in our daily operations. These are concrete activities that helps reduce resource consumption, waste volume, and the climate impact associated with OceanTech's operations. As an example, we are working to reduce our electrical power consumption, focusing on recycling of waste and reduced traves activity by using Teams meetings where applicable.