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Through brief snapshots, we aim to show cases from life inside OceanTech and new innovations as a supplement to our technical articles and other materials.

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OceanTech Subsea Test Center

OceanTech celebrates 15 years on Dora II with the Subsea Test Center in the old U-boat bunker. In 2009 we were a part of  Linjebygg Offshore AS,and started using DORA II as a workshop, warehouse and Subsea test facility.

The old dry dock proved to be perfect for our type of testing and has been crucial to the development of OceanTech. Through this testing, we have demonstrated to our customers that our robotic solutions work and are safe when implemented offshore. 

Quality control is crucial in our industry, the test center is an important training arena for our operations. 


OceanTech regional winner of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2023!​

We are very proud and grateful to have been named a regional winner. OceanTech will represent Mid-Norway in the national final on the 8th of February next year. The award is based on growth and results in the three latest years, alongside contributions given through sustainability and innovation. Everyone in OceanTech has played important roles and made an impeccable effort these years. We have carried out the most difficult tasks at sea in the splash zone without any injuries.


OceanTech Empowers Kirkens Bymisjon's Youth Program

OceanTech supports Kirkens Bymisjon's "In Work, Courage, and Mastery" project, which assists young adults aged 18-30 with challenges like depression and anxiety to help them integrate into the workforce, education, and other activities. This program offers counseling, job training, social skills training, and exciting activities, such as cabin trips. With support from OceanTech, participants recently enjoyed an exciting rib boat trip to Lysøya, fostering a sense of achievement and happiness. 


Preparing for a intresting job in Guyana

Testing of our new accsess tool in the drydock today. This tool was developed specially for cleaning a Riser receptacle in Guyana. The RAT team are practicing installation of the tool at the fullscale model.


A modified robotic tool sees the light of day!

Several of our projects demand modification of robots and tools to solve new challenges. Here, the team at Dora II is busy assembling a new solution destined for the Caribbean! This tool is designed to work in tight spaces.

We're heading for warmer climates 😊
We're looking forward to it!

Roger is installing a cable for the Pan & Tilt camera!


Exciting visit outside our Subsea Test Center!

Statsraad Lehmkuhl visiting Trondheim 😊 
A majestic ship that attracts significant attention wherever it goes in the world. Towering proudly outside the dock gate at Dora II. It would be cool to have a robot on board that bridges the gap between old and new times! Even though the ship seems to be significantly better maintained than even the best oil installations 😉


New inspection probe!

For the past three years, we have been working on the development of a new inspection probe that will detect cracks in underwater steel structures! 
Together with Karsten at SINTEF, who is a reseacher developing software and hardware, this is becoming an exciting product that will help us perform even better inspections for our important clients. Both in the oil and gas industry and in offshore wind. 

Karsten presented this at the Technology Forum at the Offshore Energy Exhibition in Aberdeen recently.


Oceantech doing riser protection net tensioning

We installed this Riser protection net at Heidrun last summer and now we are back to check the tensioning. Our Rope Access Technicians use hydraulic equipment we developed specially for this job.


Control systems for Trenching in Northern Germany

Due to Oceantech’s broad experience in hydraulic and electric control systems we assist in developing a new Trencher being used in Germany this summer.


New depth record!

Just a short while ago, our team set a new depth record with our robotic CAT tool. They inspected two caisson down to a depth of 38 meters and conducted 13.000 thickness measurements. The tool by-passed obstacles along the pipe and performed excellently.

Another milestone in the development of new and groundbreaking technology!


Fast-track installation completed!

Our team has completed the installation of 3 air venting systems on asset outside mid Norway. This was a rush job where both engineering, prefabrication, and installation were carried out in just a few weeks.

Great job performed both onshore and offshore, with a lot of climbing and rigging involved!


Todays test activity at our subsea test senter

Installing our inspection tool at the mock up rig in our drydock. This time our tool will be used 40 meters below sealevel, and we must check everything first at our test facility. The snow you see will soon be replaced by 5 meter deep seawater. 


Our welder doing what he does best

A new tool is being made. Our designers are finished, and parts have been Lasercut. Our welder transform the parts into a tool the world have never seen before. Working this way make us incredibly versatile and the leadtime developing special tools are incredibly short. At the same time, you can rely on that our designers will hear form the welder if something should have been made more fabrication friendly.