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Equipment and tooling for the splash zone


Our proprietary technology is specifically engineered for cleaning, inspection, modifications, and repair tasks in the splash zone. Our suite includes innovative access robots, topside control systems with advanced monitoring features, and a diverse array of subsea tooling. Our modular approach enables customisation and adaptation to a variety of materials, geometries, and surface conditions, ensuring seamless integration of our robots and tools with virtually any offshore structure. This flexibility enhances our capability to efficiently meet diverse requirements.

Access robots


We have refined our remotely operated access robots over nearly two decades, and they are field-proven across numerous splash zone projects. These robots securely attach to structures and can perform a range of tasks—from straightforward cleaning to complex mechanical work—unimpeded by waves or currents.

We employ various attachment principles tailored to the asset type and geometry. Our diverse access systems offer unique advantages, including the ability to navigate around obstacles. We have developed a range of robots capable of accessing any structure or area based on depth, complexity, and the need for robust equipment.

Control systems


At OceanTech, we develop control systems tailored specifically for splash zone projects. This allows us to rapidly modify our robots and optimise operations. Our cybernetic engineers have a deep understanding of operations, equipment, and tooling, ensuring an efficient operational interface and prompt repairs if issues arise. Some of our robots are now autonomous, enhancing the ease and quality of operations and improving inspections by minimising human errors. 

Our operations are managed and monitored remotely from a topside control container or via a laptop on deck, eliminating the need for divers or support vessels at sea.



Our tools are typically operated by a manipulator arm or other specially designed equipment. We have access to a wide range of subsea tools designed for use with ROVs/manipulator arms, all of which can be operated by our robots. Our technology is compatible with all standard types of ROV subsea tooling. Once the equipment is securely mounted to the structure above sea surface, it can be lowered into the sea as needed. Commonly used tooling includes:

  • Brushes or water jetting to remove marine growth
  • Specialised inspection cameras
  • Inspection probes for measuring wall thickness or detecting cracks
  • Bolt tensioners
  • Cutting tools