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How we work


OceanTech is a turnkey provider, managing all project interfaces to save our clients time and effort. Our integrated approach includes our unique Splash Zone Concept. In addition to our core solutions, we provide feasibility studies, design and engineering, planning and execution of intricate lifting operations, rental of ROV tooling, and equipment testing at our Subsea Test Centre.

Our team is actively engaged in every project phase, from initial planning to implementation. We ensure each project is conducted safely, efficiently, and predictably with minimal handovers.

The timeline is determined by the project's complexity and the need for customised equipment packages to fit each specific task and installation:

  • Standard equipment package: Typically 1 month for preparation
  • Modified equipment package: Typically 1-3 months for preparation
  • Tailored equipment package: Typically 3-6 months for preparation


Being involved during the feasibility stage allows us to leverage our expertise to optimise design and solutions. Furthermore, we believe in close collaboration. This approach facilitates discussions on relevant engineering issues, and enables us to effectively communicate and support our customers in their interactions internally. 

Modularity in design


Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we design effective solutions to new challenges by customising and modifying our field-proven equipment and installation methods. Our modular approach, along with our technology's adaptability to diverse materials, geometries, and surface conditions, enables our access robots and tools to connect to any offshore asset or structure.