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Subsea Test Centre


We constantly modify and customise our equipment and tools to meet the unique demands of each mission, adapting to the varying geometries and physical layouts of each offshore installation. Our Subsea Test Centre is essential in this process, playing a critical role in adapting our equipment and minimising risks while maximising operational efficiency offshore. For complex projects, we comprehensively test all equipment and thoroughly train our teams in seawater conditions, using full-scale mock-ups of the actual installation sites.



Our Subsea Test Centre is situated in Dora II, a repurposed submarine base and pen located at the downtown Trondheim harbour. Here, we engage in several key activities:

  • Developing and assembling our robots and tools
  • Full-scale mock-up testing and training for splash zone operations
  • Rental of facilities for testing and training
  • Rental of our unique submarine dock facility for other activities


The test centre is equipped with the following facilities:

  • A dry or wet dock (120 x 20 x 14 metres)
  • Two traversing cranes (25-ton capacity)
  • Warm and cold storage facilities
  • Workshop for maintenance and servicing, including electrical work
  • Forklift
  • Office facilities to support all operational needs

Rental opportunities


The test centre is ideally suited for a range of applications including testing subsea solutions, scale testing of fish farming cages, and ROV training. Additionally, the facilities are available for rent to other industries for equipment testing, and educational and research initiatives. Access to the test centre is convenient for large trucks and by sea, with direct quay access. The dry dock is equipped with a high-capacity pump system, allowing it to be filled with water or emptied overnight. Rental terms are customised on a project-by-project basis, offering favourable conditions for small companies, startups, and researchers.