OceanTech has a unique technology developed especially for underwater

OceanTech has a unique technology developed especially for underwater cleaning, inspection, repair and modification services. Our technology fits the purposes of the offshore wind, aquaculture, oil and gas, transport and maritime industry.

Our Subsea Test Center is also an important piece of our technology innovation and can be made available to any of our clients upon request.

Our technology

OceanTech has a proud history of working in the oil and gas industry

By avoiding pollution from support vessels, our solutions are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Offshore wind power

The solutions we offer has great benefits on both fixed and floating turbine foundations due to the stable working platform.

All OceanTech tools and techniques are developed in-house by a skilled engineering team who have the required capabilities and extensive field experience from projects worldwide.


Examples are fish farming nets/cages, barges and larger offshore fish farming floating structures. As the industry moves further and further from shore, OceanTech has the technology and capability to help operators and contractors to complete work, especially in the deeper North Sea waters where heavier winds and rougher sea conditions may hamper progress.

Transport and maritime

Our services are especially beneficial for working underwater in the turbulent splash zone where waves and currents make it difficult to access for divers, ROVs and other traditional solutions.

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