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The Splash Zone Expert

Why choose us

We provide cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly splash zone services

Remotely operated robotic solutions for all your maintenance needs

Modularity in design enables our access robots to connect to any offshore structure

20 years of in-house developed and field-proven technology

More than 70 projects across 50 installations, totalling 200,000 incident-free work hours

Some of our clients

The Splash Zone Network

Stay updated on the latest advancements in splash zone operations, gain insights from leading experts, and receive invitations to our gatherings and demos


ONS 2024: Explore OceanTech’s robotic solutions for splash zone operations

OceanTech's modular approach, combined with our technology's adaptabil...


OceanTech Subsea Test Center

OceanTech celebrates 15 years on Dora II with the Subsea Test Center in the old U-boat bunker. In 2009 we were a part of  Linjebygg Offshore AS,and started using DORA II as a workshop, warehouse and Subsea test facility.

The old dry dock proved to be perfect for our type of testing and has been crucial to the development of OceanTech. Through this testing, we have demonstrated to our customers that our robotic solutions work and are safe when implemented offshore. 

Quality control is crucial in our industry, the test center is an important training arena for our operations. 



NPF Autumn Meeting

NPF Trøndelag invites you to an in-person evening meeting at Oceantech in Brattøra. We will also have a tour of the test facilities at Dora, followed by enjoyable networking with food and drinks.