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Why choose us


OceanTech is a turnkey provider, managing all project interfaces to save our clients time and effort. Our modular approach, along with our technology's adaptability to diverse materials, geometries, and surface conditions, enables our access robots and tools to connect to any offshore asset or structure.

  • Lower rates compared to ROV operations
  • 200,000 incident-free offshore work hours
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Field-proven technology 
  • 20 years of experience from projects worldwide

Cost savings


We offer cost savings by eliminating the need for divers, ROVs, or support vessels. Our robotic solutions reduce waiting times for weather windows, minimise downtime, guarantee predictable timelines for complex projects, and offer significantly lower daily rates compared to ROV operations.

Enhanced safety


Our robots and tools are operated from the topside, enabling unmanned operations near structures in confined spaces. This significantly enhances operational safety. We have achieved over 200,000 incident-free offshore work hours, demonstrating the reliability and effectiveness of our technology.

Reduced environmental impact


Our robots use existing infrastructure, allowing us to perform operations without the support vessels typically needed for divers and ROVs. This approach cuts emissions and lowers the risk of oil spills. Additionally, our ability to operate regardless of weather conditions decreases delays and reduces your environmental footprint.