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Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)


At OceanTech, we are dedicated to conducting our operations without causing accidents or damages. To achieve this, we prioritise Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) measures to safeguard the life and health of our personnel, the environment, our production facilities, and the security of knowledge and information.

200,000 incident-free offshore work hours


Our robots and tools are operated from the topside, enabling unmanned operations near structures in confined spaces–in all weather conditions. This significantly enhances operational safety. We have achieved over 200,000 incident-free offshore work hours, demonstrating the reliability of our technology. 

In addition to our field-proven technology, our strong safety record is attributed to several other key factors, including effective work methods, extensive experience, a robust company culture, and real-time monitoring capabilities:

  • Interdisciplinary teams of 4-6 specialists manage projects from feasibility studies through to offshore implementation, ensuring thorough understanding and control over both the project and equipment.
  • Our employees possess extensive and diverse experience from major engineering companies, enhancing their capability to manage complex operations.
  • Operations are conducted without divers or ROVs, which enhances safety and efficiency.
  • Our solutions can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring continuous and safe operation.
  • Experienced climbers with expertise in rigging and lifting perform installation mounting, maintaining safety and adaptability to weather conditions.
  • Real-time monitoring from onshore via the Internet provides interactive insights into operations.


OceanTech is pre-qualified to conduct maintenance and service operations on all oil and gas installations in offshore areas of the Norwegian and British continental shelves. Additionally, we are certified to ISO 9001 standards.

Sustainability measures


At OceanTech, we strive to contribute to the most efficient and safe energy production. Our Splash Zone Concept plays a key role in this effort through several initiatives:

  • OceanTech Robot’s replace ROV’s and divers and the need for support Wessels, which is a huge environmental saving.
  • For nearly 20 years, we have developed our modular Splash Zone equipment packages, including robots and various tools. This modular concept reduces the need for modifications of the robots when adapting to a new inspection or maintenance challenge. This minimizes the need for materials and waste in the customization and make us able to re-use the majority of the robot set-up. We also maintain a large inventory of robots and tools ready for re-use.
  • OceanTech contribute to life extensions of ageing oil and gas platforms, so they can operate beyond their original lifespans. These life extensions save large cost and consumptions, as well av emission, compared to replacing the assets with new assets.
  • By transferring our technology from the oil and gas sector to new and green energy sectors, we contribute to safe operation of increasing numbers of offshore installations. This includes generating renewable energy from offshore wind turbines.

Additionally, we continually implement sustainability measures in our daily operations to reduce resource consumption, waste volume, and our climate impact. For example, we are focusing on reducing electrical power consumption, emphasising recycling, and decreasing travel by utilising videoconferencing whenever possible.

For more information on our Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) and Quality Policy, please contact us.