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200.000 working hours without unwanted incidents

OceanTech is a reliable problem solver for our customers, all year round, without the fall and winter being a limitation. The company is prequalified to carry out demanding service missions on all oil and gas installations in the challenging offshore areas on the Norwegian and British continental shelves. Additionally, we are certified to ISO 9001 standards (Q4 2023).

The operations of OceanTech shall not cause accidents, damages, or losses. The HSE and quality activities shall be highly prioritized to protect:

  • Life and health of personnel
  • The environment
  • Plant and production
  • Knowledge and information

For further HSE and Quality Policy information, please contact us

In total, we have produced 200,000 offshore working hours without any unwanted incidents involving personnel, equipment, or environmental spills. In the demanding Splash Zone, spread over a large number of projects. 

We use our own developed equipment with robots and tools based on field-proven technology. Equipment packages are modified and supplemented to a greater or lesser extent, customized for each individual assignment and installation design.

The assignments are manned with OceanTech employees in interdisciplinary teams that follow the project from start to finish, from feasibility studies through testing and training to offshore implementation. This ensures a predictable, efficient, and safe operation because the team knows both the project and equipment package inside out.

That we work efficiently, safely, and with control can also be explained by:

  • Small teams of 4-6 specialists working together while assisting each other in a wide range of tasks.
  • Employees with extensive and diverse experience from major engineering and service companies. 
  • Our cultural background from the specialist environment in Linjebygg, with almost 100 years of experience in complex and high-risk missions.
  • Operations in sea without the use of divers or remote operated vessels (ROV’s), made possible with robots attached to the installation and remotely operated by pilots in a control container or suitcase laptop on deck.
  • A robust solution that can withstand significant changes in weather and working conditions.
  • Installation mounting is performed by experienced climbers with unique expertise in rigging and lifting. They work at a safe distance from the water and can quickly suspend their work temporarily if weather conditions require it.
  • The operations can be monitored in real time from onshore through internet, which gives the client insight and can be interactive.