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Safety-critical services and maintenance in the Splash Zone

As The Splash Zone Expert, we provide safety-critical services and maintenance on large stationary offshore installations, primarily within the oil and gas industry, but also within wind power and fish farming, where we expect to increase our market share in the future.

In addition to large offshore installations, we also carry out complex service missions on: 

  • Offshore vessels where it is not desirable to take them out of operation due to income loss and physical size, such as exploration/drilling vessels and production ships within the oil/gas industry that are stationary for long periods of time
  • Critical infrastructure on the seabed, such as power, water, and data cables in shallow water, both inshore and offshore. 
  • Large infrastructure facilities and installations on land with challenging access, such as bridges and foundations over fjords and rivers, dams, and tunnels for power production, and more.

For development and further growth, our ambition is to offer The Splash Zone Concept for:

  • New and existing customers in our local market, which includes the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, in order to strengthen our experience and reference base in this challenging ocean area.
  • Offshore oil/gas projects in other ocean regions, also to expand our high season here in the north, such as Australia and Brazil. 
  • Projects in industries beyond oil/gas, such as offshore wind, to diversify our portfolio and strengthen our position towards a "greener" future.