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Almost 20 years of experience from Splash Zone Operations

OceanTech has almost 20 years of experience from a large number of projects without any unwanted incidents on personnel, equipment, or environmental emissions, totaling 200,000 offshore working hours in the demanding Splash Zone.

In addition, most of our employees have extensive experience in the development and operation in the oil and gas industry.  Today we deliver high-tech solutions with use of latest available technology and robotic solutions. We believe robots and safe solutions will be the answer to the challenges in this demanding marine market.

OceanTech got established in 2017 when key personnel took over the Splash Zone department from Linjebygg Offshore, an area that much of the team had been working in since its establishment in 2007. Since then, the company has grown steadily from small to medium-sized with solid operations and a good track record. We possess technology and methodology that we believe is unique in the world.

Timeline with our proud history!

Installation of transmission lines
Offshore installations with Rope Access and Rigging
Larger complex installations and Splash Zone tooling developments
Specialized Splash Zone robots and tools
The Splash Zone Expert. Safe operations with robots and tools.

Our culture of safe operations is based on a nearly 100-year-old climbing and lifting culture developed in Linjebygg since its inception in 1933. As a service provider for lifting, rigging, and handling of equipment and materials for the construction of high-voltage power grids in Norway and other complex installations on land in extremely challenging environments.