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The Splash Zone Expert

Our Splash Zone Concept is built with technology that combines standard equipment and tools for service operations in the ocean with special solutions that we have developed and produced in-house. We modify and customize for each unique mission.  

Reasons to choose us for critical operations on offshore installations in the Splash Zone include: 

  • Execute tasks beyond the capabilities of ROVs and divers due to waves and currents
  • More than 70 cost efficient projects on 50 different installations
  • Almost 20 years of field proven technology developed and produced in-house
  • No unwanted incidents after 200,000 offshore work hours

For more reasons to choose us, please refer below: 

  • Mainly focused on oil and gas in the North Sea, but also covering offshore areas in Europe, Australia, North America, Africa, and Asia, as well as other sectors like offshore wind, offshore aquaculture, and infrastructure both offshore and onshore.
  • We plan and execute the most challenging tasks, using in-house developed equipment packages built on field-proven technology that is setup for each task. 
  • We build our own robots for work under water and make tailor-made solutions if needed.
  • We have control over the progress and schedule due to less waiting time for weather windows compared to traditional solutions (divers and ROV’s). Also, less stop in production due to less use of large Wessels close to the installation.
  • Around 60% of projects have been for the major Norwegian energy company Equinor (formerly known as Statoil), which is the largest operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and a significant international player in oil, gas, offshore wind, and other energy sources.
  • We operate our equipment in the Splash Zone up to 6 meters wave height (Hs<3) and can do detailed work close to existing structures.
  • Involves customers in the planning and analysis phase to ensure understanding of the task, quality of execution, and cost control. 
  • We have been involved in all life phases of oil and gas platforms, from design through hook-up/installation, repair, inspection and removal, providing valuable insight, experience and overview.
  • Contribute to significantly extends the lifespan of installations which has past their designed lifetime through required inspections and modifications in the Splash Zone. This to provide the basis for continued safe operation.
  • Extends the Splash Zone operational season throughout the year, reducing pressure on POB (persons on board) in high peak periods. 
  • Increases safety, predictability, and efficiency with self-developed equipment remotely operated from a control unit on deck, without the use of personnel or ROV’s in the Splash Zone. Equipment is safely fixed to the installation by experienced climbers and rigging experts.
  • Brings together experts in multidisciplinary teams on rigging and lifting, automation cybernetics, structural analysis, inspection analysis, etc., with extensive experience in Splash Zone operations offshore.  
  • Stable inspection robots with advanced sensors that collect data For integrity analysis. This is done much more precisely than traditional methods, revealing crack formation in joints and measuring wall thickness. 
  • Prequalified to work on all offshore oil and gas installations in the challenging waters of Norway and the UK.
  • ISO 9001 certified (Q4 2023)
  • Field proven equipment, very little downtime, and predictable timeline for large and complex projects.
  • A turn key supplier that ensures the coordination of all interfaces in the project, without the customer's representatives needing to spend more time on our task than necessary ("...consider the tasks as completed").

For more insight about OceanTech, The Splash Zone Expert, please refer to "about" here or dive deeper into The Splash Zone Concept and the possibilities in the Splash Zone Network here. If you prefer to contact us directly, please do that here.