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Involved teams, less handovers, and efficient projects

We perform our tasks best when we are early involved in customers planning phase. If we e.g., are involved in the feasibility phase, we can use our unique competence to optimize the design and solutions. Late involvement results often in ‘’Too late for changes!’’

We also perform our tasks best when we are involved  with engineers and operations managers with whom we can discuss relevant engineering issues, and to whom we can effectively communicate and support when dealing with internal decision-makers and procurement teams at target customers.

Our team members are involved throughout the projects, from planning to implementation offshore, ensuring safe, efficient, and predictable projects, with less handovers.

The timeline is determined by the complexity of the projects and the need for customization of equipment packages to fit each individual task and installation. To simplify:

  • Standard equipment package - 1 month typical preparation 
  • Modified equipment package - 1-3 months typical preparation
  • Tailored equipment package - 3-6 months typical preparation