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Cleaning, inspection, repair, modification, and replacement in the demanding Splash Zone

OceanTech has unique expertise in planning, preparation, and execution of offshore projects. Typical projects includes cleaning, inspection, repair, modification, and replacement tasks in areas with extremely difficult access and complicated working conditions.

Since we are working in the Splash Zone, we often have limited overview and information of the actual status at the work site prior to the offshore execution.

With our field-proven Splash Zone Concept, we perform total projects involving:

  • Engineering and studies 
  • Installation methodology
  • Testing of solutions and methods in our full-scale Subsea Test Center
  • Remotely operated robots and tools with tailor made solutions if needed

We use our in-house developed equipment with robots and tools based on field-proven technology. Compared to a standard ROV, our robots and tools are always attached to the structure of the installation, which make it possible for OceanTech to perform safe operations despite the waves and currents in the Splash Zone. We modify and complete tooling packages to fit each mission and the unique layout of each installation.

In addition, we offer services like:

  • Splash Zone experts performing feasibility studies for decision making support. 
  • Hire out our Subsea Test Center in Trondheim/Norway, for testing and training of equipment and personnel for research and marine operations.
  • Hire out subsea ROV-tooling such as robotic arms, underwater cameras, and more.
  • Planning and execution of complex lifting operations like swivel change outs offshore, and more).