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Field proven technology

Our Splash Zone Concept is built with field-proven technology that combines standard ROV equipment and tools for service operations in the ocean with special solutions that we have developed and produced during almost 20 years.

We have unique expertise as problem solvers for safety-critical services, maintenance, and repairs in areas with extremely difficult access, particularly on installations in the demanding offshore Splash Zone. These are challenging and complex service missions.

Our specialized teams utilize smart comprehensive solutions with field-proved equipment packages, including robots and tools that we have developed and manufactured ourselves, combined withrope access and lifting methods. These are unique solutions that we believe are unparalleled in the world. Our equipment is continually complemented and modified to tackle new unique tasks and assignments, and utilize the latest available technology.

The operation is performed remotely from our own control container or suitcase laptop on deck, without the use of divers or free-floating vessels in the sea. Once the equipment is securely mounted to the installation structure above the sea surface, it can be lowered into sea as needed. Going all the way down to 30 meters, which is the deepest we've operated with our robot and tools. Without it necessarily being a limitation, and without being a primary focus for us as The Splash Zone Expert.