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An experienced service provider in the demanding Splash Zone

OceanTech is an experienced problem solver for operators of offshore installations, specializing in the harsh and difficult splash zone. We provide critical safety services and maintenance in areas that are challenging to access, and we contribute to responsible operation and extended service life.

Our robust and remotely operated solutions can work throughout the year, without being much limited by the winter season. Our work takes place in a challenging area of the sea-surface that others with traditional solutions attempt to avoid. Our robots and tools can work within 3-6 meters wave heights and strong sea currents.

Our service delivery consists of complete solutions with remotely operated equipment packages combined with specialist teams with rope access and lifting competence. We offer both inspections and complicated service tasks in the demanding Splash zone from plus 5 to minus 20 meters. Though the Splash Zone is our target area for service, similar tasks can effectively be solved outside this challenging area when we are already set up for assignments out on the installations. This as our robots and tools are rated for subsea operations deeper than the defined Splash Zone.

We are located in Trondheim, Norway, with our full-scale Subsea Test Center and office located downtown by the sea at Nyhavna. With a short distance to the technology environments at Equinor, NTNU, SINTEF, with its renowned researchers and students with associated activities.