OceanTech’s inspection capabilities include visual and NDT services specialised for splash zone and underwater structures.

All inspection tasks are planned and executed by senior inspection engineers.

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Unique robotic solutions

OceanTech’s unique robotic solutions provide a fixed stable platform that enables the deployment of sensors, cameras, probes and other inspection tools, which would have been impossible using divers and ROVs.

Our inspection solutions are ideal for verifying the integrity and extend the lifespan of any structure in the splash zone and subsea, prior to any repair or modification work.

Our field-proven inspection technologies include:

  • GVI – General visual inspection
  • CVI – Close visual inspection
  • CP – Cathodic protection measurements
  • UT – Ultrasonic thickness measurements
  • PEC – Pulse eddy current thickness measurements (no need for cleaning)
  • ACFM – Alternating current field measurement, crack detection
    • Newly developed for underwater use together with our remotely operated robotic access tools and techniques. Robots can also be deployed by ROV at deeper water.

Equipment and expertise

In addition to inspection services, OceanTech also has the equipment and expertise to conduct cleaning of marine growth from splash zone structures as required.

We are continuously developing new inspection techniques together with our specialist partners. This provides an opportunity to cooperate with a wide range of inspection specialists, engineers and technicians, with many years of relevant experience in underwater inspection.