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Customised solutions for all cleaning and inspection needs in the splash zone

Our ability to modify and tailor equipment, tools, and control systems to projects allows us to clean and inspect virtually any offshore structure in the splash zone.

The offshore industry faces critical challenges in maintaining the integrity and performance of structures in the splash zone. Regular cleaning and inspections of jackets, risers, pipes, caissons, boat landings, and mechanical devices such as underwater clamps, is imperative to prevent corrosion, ensure structural stability, and guarantee operational efficiency:

  • Cleaning and inspections can identify and rectify corrosion issues, reducing the need for costly repairs and extending structures’ lifespans.
  • Inspections pinpoint potential structural weaknesses, while thorough cleaning eliminates marine growth and debris, preserving structural integrity.
  • Eliminating marine fouling decreases drag and enhances the performance of risers and pipes, improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Consistent inspections can identify damage or wear and tear that may pose safety risks.
  • Adhering to proper maintenance protocols reduces the likelihood of leaks or spills, promoting environmental stewardship and ensuring compliance with regulations.

In summary, regularly cleaning and inspecting offshore structures is integral to proactive maintenance and risk management. At OceanTech, we tailor our specialist services to challenging offshore environments. Our cleaning and inspection expertise extends across large offshore oil and gas installations, wind power structures, and aquaculture facilities.

Significant efficiency and HSE benefits

OceanTech leverages cutting-edge, remotely operated robotic solutions to boost efficiency and safety. Our cleaning services effectively remove marine growth to ensure a thorough preparatory phase before inspections. In the inspection phase, our robotic solutions provide a stable, fixed platform, facilitating the deployment of sensors, cameras, probes, and other tools. Our services are specifically tailored for the challenging splash zone environment, and our approach is optimal for identifying corrosion and verifying structural integrity before initiating repair or modification work.

Other benefits include:

  • Cost savings: Our equipment and tools operate independently, eliminating the need for assistance from divers, ROVs, or support vessels.
  • Less emissions: Our engineers use existing infrastructure strategically, and our cleaning and inspection solutions minimise reliance on favourable weather conditions.
  • Enhanced safety: Our equipment enables unmanned work in the challenging splash zone and confined spaces.

We maintain an extensive inventory of standard equipment and tooling, such as access robots, control systems, and various splash zone tools. In our cleaning projects, we commonly use high-pressure washers, brushes, and flexible cleaning tools. We also employ innovative nozzle technology to clean the interiors of pipes and bends. For inspections, we frequently use cameras, but our versatile inspection toolbox also allows us to conduct a wide range of measurements. These include cathodic protection assessments, ultrasonic and pulsed eddy current thickness measurements, and other non-destructive testing methods.

We excel in devising innovative solutions for emerging challenges, and our broad expertise helps us refine and tailor our equipment and installation methods. Our track record showcases our ability to adapt and enhance, ensuring successful outcomes based on refined approaches honed through prior successes.

Innovative solutions for emerging challenges

Beyond conducting cleaning and inspections for the offshore oil and gas industry, our services extend to the aquaculture sector. We can clean and inspect nets, barges, structures, and anchoring systems. Additionally, we can perform monopile, jacket, and anode inspections for the offshore wind industry, along with inspections of onshore infrastructure, including jetty piles, bridge pillars, and quays.

In-house design and development enable us to serve any cleaning and inspection needs. We have refined our access robots over almost 20 years. They are deployable globally and adaptable to any industry, oceanic environment, or client-specific requirement. Moreover, our proprietary control systems offer unparalleled flexibility, with swift adjustments to match operational nuances. In our commitment to precision, we boast a comprehensive array of tools and excel in crafting bespoke solutions for unique projects.

Our access robots and tools possess essential features, such as flexible access arms and guides. These foundational attributes serve as the cornerstone for customisation, facilitating ongoing development. We regularly address new and unique tasks and tailor our equipment to specific requirements. Examples of recent customisations and innovations include:

ConocoPhillips Skandinavia realised a cost saving of $1.9 million by using our crack detection robot in a life extension project. The remotely operated clamp access tool with built-in cleaning functions offers many benefits. These include time savings, improved safety, and riser and conductor cleaning according to specific inspection needs. Our autonomous inspection robot provides higher-quality data and enables operators to perform eddy current testing in adverse weather conditions.

The core of our customisation capabilities lies in our Subsea Test Center, a facility in Trondheim enabling rigorous testing and refinement. Our overarching goal is to mitigate project risks and optimise operational efficiency during offshore endeavours. Our meticulous approach means we refrain from offshore operations until our equipment undergoes testing. This preparation ensures our offshore projects exceed expectations, minimise uncertainties, and maximise operational uptime. 

In addition to cleaning and inspection services, we perform repairs, modifications, and replacements in challenging offshore environments. Our robust, remotely operated solutions operate seamlessly year-round, exhibiting minimal constraints even during winter. To stay at the forefront of innovation, we continually refine and optimise our equipment, tools, and technology, enabling us to tackle novel tasks and assignments while leveraging the latest advancements in technology.