Subsea Test Centre

OceanTech Subsea Test Centre offers full scale testing of your subsea challenges.

OceanTech Subsea Test Centre with a dry dock facility to enable testing of equipment in both dry and wet conditions.

The Test Centre is ideally suited for testing of subsea solutions, scale testing of fish farming cages, offshore subsea operations and ROV training.

In addition to the Test Centre, the Oceantech engineering team and Subsea test centre technicians are available for assistance to clients with design, calculation and fabrication of prototypes or scale models of all types of electro/hydraulic/mechanic or structural equipment.

The Test Centre is located in the harbour area and is easy to access for large trucks and by sea on to the key next door.

The test centre includes the following facilities:

  • Dry dock (130x20x14 meters)
  • 2 off-traversing cranes (25 Ton capacity and 15 meters roof height)
  • Warm and cold storage facilities
  • Workshop for maintenance/servicing including electro
  • Forklift
  • Office facilities
  • Easy access to our local fabrication specialist (vis-à-vis the Test Centre)