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ONS 2024: Explore OceanTech’s robotic solutions for splash zone operations

OceanTech's modular approach, combined with our technology's adaptability to diverse materials, geometries, and surface conditions, enables our access robots to connect to any offshore asset or structure. At ONS, we will showcase our splash zone technology, including our brand-new autonomous inspection robot. Our experts will be available at stand #8300.

OceanTech offers cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly splash zone services. Our technology, field-proven and refined over the past 20 years, enables offshore operators to clean, inspect, modify, and repair any structure in the notoriously challenging splash zone.

In all projects and R&D efforts, we adhere to the 70/30 principle to ensure both efficiency and customisation. With our modular approach, 70% of any given solution is ready to use, while the remaining 30% is tailored to meet each project's specific needs.

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OceanTech CEO, Bernt Schjetne, said: “We constantly modify our equipment and tools to meet the unique demands of each project, adapting to the varying geometries and physical layouts of each offshore installation.”

Beyond the capabilities of ROVs and divers


OceanTech collaborates with leading universities, research organisations and industry partners to drive incremental innovation. The most recent innovation project, "Automated Non-Destructive Weld Inspection in the Splash Zone (ANDWIS)," has led to the development of an autonomous inspection robot equipped with an advanced eddy current probe for non-destructive weld testing.

Schjetne highlighted the main benefits, stating: “The new robot simplifies asset life extension processes by delivering higher-quality data and reducing measurement time. Its autonomous nature also significantly enhances offshore safety.”

Schjetne added: “The probe incorporates multiple alternating current field measurement sensors to tolerate minor misalignments, lift-off variations, and fluctuations in permeability.” 

In addition to remotely operated robotic solutions for splash zone inspections, our portfolio includes solutions for removing marine growth, modifying components, and repairing structures. With extensive experience spanning over 70 projects across 50 installations worldwide, we deliver reliable and effective solutions—beyond the capabilities of ROVs and divers.


Check out the preliminary exhibitor map here.

At ONS, we will also participate in all events hosted by Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP).