The technology is highly efficient and cost-effective and is designed for access to the Splash Zone, where traditional divers and ROVs are not able to operate.

OceanTech involves remotely operated access solutions with or without robotic arms. All solutions are launched from the structure, platform, fish farming cage, wind turbine, bridge etc.

OceanTech’s technology operates from a fixed position relative to the working area, which makes the technology well suited for close inspections, NDT and any type of repair or modification work. The technology operates using all standard types of ROV subsea tooling.

The technology is environmentally friendly as it reduces the CO2 emissions significantly by reducing the need for support vessels as required when using ROVs or divers.

In addition, the technology has great HSE benefits as there is no manual handling which would be required when using divers. The OceanTech equipment allows unmanned working close to structures in the harsh Splash Zone or when entering confined spaces.

OceanTech has a global track record and field proved technology from many years of operations where our solutions have been successfully deployed.

Our team of engineers and technicians constantly seek new and innovative ways of working, to maintain the company’s position as the preferred supplier of underwater Splash Zone solutions on a global scale.

The OceanTech team have structural, mechanical and electrical capabilities and would be able to assist in any type of design, calculation or method planning challenges for clients. The OceanTech Subsea Test Center is an important contributor to the development of innovative tools and techniques and is available to all clients.