OceanTech have a proud history of working in the Oil and Gas industry.

OceanTech use robotic solutions and other access tools deployed from the topside of the platform. This provides a flexible solution which is unaffected by waves and strong currents. In addition to this, the client can increase lifespan and reduce the need for expensive repair and fabric maintenance & replacement projects.


Our services include:

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Successful operations

Our team has a comprehensive experience with remotely operated solutions in the Splash Zone stretching back to the early 1990’s. Since then, our tools, technology & techniques have been developed and used on projects all over the world.

OceanTech have the capability to run “Turn-Key” projects within the scope of the above range of services. We highly benefit from a network of strategic partners with whom we collaborate closely, to enable cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

Typical project we execute includes:

  • Caisson/Riser inspection or replacement
  • Subsea Clamp installation or removal
  • Fairlead repair and change out
  • I & J tube installation
  • Riser Protection Net repair and change out
  • Caisson/Riser repair (wrapping, coating etc)
  • Cutting and removal of guides, braces, brackets etc
  • Anode installations

National & operator regulations

We are familiar with national and operator regulations, in addition to design codes and operational standards, and have a comprehensive track record which includes overseas experience in the UK & Norwegian North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Australia and Russia.