The solutions we offer has great benefits on both fixed and floating turbine foundations due to the stable working platform.

We utilise in-house developed technology and offers remotely operated access in combination with robotic arms. This gives a flexible solution that is unaffected by waves and currents. Typical projects we execute includes:

  • Monopile and jacket inspection and repair
  • Anode inspection and replacement
  • Installation of wrapping solutions, bumpers and guides
  • Repair, retrofit or replacement of boat landing systems
  • Cutting and removal of guides, braces, brackets etc
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Extensive field experience

All OceanTech tools and techniques are developed in-house by a skilled engineering team who have the required capabilities and extensive field experience from projects worldwide. Our capabilities include:

  • Surveys
  • Studies
  • Engineering, planning and documentation including prototype design
  • Fabrication including prototype construction
  • Assembly and testing at our own Subsea Test Center
  • Onshore/offshore execution

OceanTech is familiar with national and operator regulations, in addition to design and operation standards. Our track record includes operations in The North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Australia and Russia.

In our day-to-day operations, we benefit from a network of strategic partners with whom we collaborate closely to present cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.