Modifications to underwater structures in the splash zone is the core business of OceanTech.

The OceanTech team has significant and relevant operational experience from executing previous projects on a global scale. We are the splash zone expert!

Our splash zone capabilities in modifications include the following:

  • Anode and anode frame modification/installation including offshore fish farming structures and offshore wind turbines
  • Modification of existing structures including jetty piles, bridge columns and port constructions
  • Installation of new structures and reinforcements
  • Hook-up
  • Under water clamp modification/installation
  • Caisson/riser guide frame modification
  • Cutting and removal
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Accessing the splash zone

The services OceanTech offers include all types of mechanical tools for underwater use and are remotely operated. This is in addition to the core skills and expertise in the provision of rigging, cleaning, inspection and repair solutions for the splash zone.

OceanTech has a range of tools and techniques, ranging from lightweight robotic solutions to more heavy-duty solutions with work class robotic arms. All the tools and techniques are designed to avoid any use of divers, ROVs or support vessels.

Tailored bespoke services

We also provide bespoke services tailored for the decommissioning sector. This expertise is particularly relevant to the pre-engineering and preparation phase of decommissioning, where under-deck structures, caissons, riser, clamps etc. need to be cut and removed prior to the arrival of a heavy-lift vessel.

No challenge is too big or too small, and we urge you to contact us with your challenge.