OceanTech test facility in Offshore Engineer article!

William Stoichevski visited Dora II a while back and was impressed with the Second World War building and its use today. OceanTech uses it again as a »Submarine» workshop and test centre, even if the 5m thick concrete walls are not needed anymore!

Follow this link to read his report in the magasine:   https://www.oedigital.com/news/474695-subsea-robots-in-the-splash-zone

World War II Submarine Workshop

Many of the older offshore installations have major issues related to corrosion and structural damages, especially in the Splash Zone (+5 to -10 meters). There are cases where caissons have broken off and fallen to the seabed, which can damage other Subsea installations and stop production on the field. Most oil-companies are today choosing to replace the whole damaged structure (which is very costly) or to repair it using different kinds of clamping solutions. 3X Engineering in Monaco, who is a supplier to Fuglesangs, have developed a wrapping solution especially for the colder North-Sea waters. With a lifetime of up to 20 years, incredible adhesion and the ability to rebuild structural strength, this is a unique technology that can now be installed without divers.

OceanTech was established in 2017 through a buyout of a department in Linjebygg. The company is located at Nyhavna in Trondheim. OTAS has more than ten years of experience with specialized horizontal and vertical access tools for work in the splash-zone on oil platforms. With their 5000 m2 space including Dora 2, they have the possibility to make full scale tests, also under water, of access tools, robotization equipment and software.