OceanTech provides remotely operated robotic solutions for the cleaning of marine growth and removal of corrosion protection prior to inspection or other repair and modification work.

We are experts in reaching areas that are difficult to access. We utilise all types of cleaning systems and methods:

  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Ultra-high pressure water cleaning
  • Brushes, FlexiClean, etc.
  • Innovative nozzles technology for cleaning inside pipes/bends etc.

In addition to the cleaning services, OceanTech also provides inspection, repair and modifications using innovative robotic solutions.

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Significant cost savings

OceanTech uses robotic arms and nozzle positioning tools to achieve 100 % coverage internally or externally. This does not require any assistance from divers, ROVs or support vessels, which ensures significant cost savings.

Our approach delivers superior HSE benefits and cost savings in comparison to more traditional methods. The methods used are highly efficient due to a stable fixed position in the strong currents.

Our techniques and solutions

OceanTech´s innovative techniques and solutions can be utilised for all splash zone and underwater constructions.

This ranges from steel structures, anchoring/mooring systems, pipes, plastic/rubber structures, risers with strikes, fish farming nets and structures, monopiles, etc.