Asset life extension: OceanTech’s solutions for verifying structural integrity

Underwater inspections and modifications are critical to extending the lifetime of offshore assets. By utilising remotely operated tools, OceanTech is able to verify the integrity of any structure in the splash zone, and perform modifications such as structural reinforcements, anode installations, and caisson replacements.

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A game-changer in weld inspection: Our partnership with ConocoPhillips on a new crack detection robot

By using OceanTech’s eddy current welding inspection robot in a life extension project, ConocoPhillips Skandinavia realised a cost saving of $1.9 million compared to conventional solutions.

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Anode installation at the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm

An OceanTech engineering team developed rigging and lifting methods for a successful installation of 725 sacrificial anodes across 67 assets at the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm. This helps prevent internal galvanic corrosion inside transition pieces, saving Equinor time and money in asset maintenance.

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Successful riser guard replacements at the Tyra field

Successful riser guard replacements require careful planning and a customised methodology for cutting, rigging, and lifting that addresses the project’s unique nature.

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Revolutionising riser and conductor cleaning in the splash zone

OceanTech’s remotely operated Clamp Access Tool (CAT) with built-in cleaning functions offers an array of benefits, including significant time savings, improved safety, and riser and conductor cleaning according to specific inspection needs.Read more

Which industries can apply OceanTech’s services and techniques?

Virtually any industry carrying out maintenance work, inspections, cleaning, or modifications to underwater structures in the splash zone, can use OceanTech’s innovative robotic solutions.

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A caisson replacement job well performed

As more and more platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf are reaching their design life, installation components are starting to show wear and tear caused by the ravages of time existing in a harsh offshore environment. An example of this is damages caused by corrosion. Salt, water, air, and rough mechanical impact on metal are all ingredients in a corrosive meal.Read more

OceanTech - Trondheim’s best kept secret

Could OceanTech Innovation AS be Trondheim’s best kept secret?

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