Cleaning, Inspection, Repair and Modification services to the turbulent Splash Zone

OceanTech have cutting edge technology and expertise to perform Consultancy services, Studies, Cleaning, Inspection, Repair and Modification services in the turbulent Splash Zone.

Examples are Fish Farming nets/cages, barges and larger Offshore Fish Farming floating structures. As the industry moves further and further from shore, OceanTech has the technology and capabilities to help operators and contractors to complete work, especially in the deeper North Sea waters where heavier winds and rougher sea conditions can hamper progress.

Oceantech´s experience from the North Sea with heavy winds and rough sea makes us the preferred supplier for Splash Zone technology.

Oceantech has a long track record in assisting clients with working in the Splash Zone where it is difficult to access with divers and ROVs. Previous projects range from small cleaning tasks to large multidisciplinary modification projects.

Oceantech uses remotely operated access solutions together with robotic arms which are unaffected by waves or currents, giving more effective and improved HSE.

The Oceantech engineering team is skilled and experienced in multidisciplinary activities which may require engineering project management, pre-planning, design and calculation skill sets.

All Oceantech services can be provided on-site without interruption to the fish farming operations.

Typical services include:

  • Underwater cleaning and inspection of nets, barges and structures
  • Repair, replacement or modification of structures
  • Anode measurement and replacement
  • Inspection, repair or modification of mooring and anchoring systems
  • Innovative image capturing for continual inspection and measurements